SABT Breeder Member 8822

UPDATE - Due to bereavement we shall not be breeding in the near future.

My name is Jan Mitchell, I passed my SABT breeders course last year, then travelled to Europe to assist in appraising Boerboels, where after I passed my junior appraisers exam.

The Boerboel is a South African dog, a mastiff originally bred and used in South Africa to protect the farmer, his family and to patrol the perimeter guarding the stock against the African wildlife.

We welcome visitors to meet our dogs, and will wish to meet anyone interested in a pup.If you are interested in finding out more about us, you can e-mail us at jannikbb@yahoo.co.uk.

Yogi and his son Xander at four months old

A brief introduction of myself, my dogs and family.

We are greatly saddened to announce the tragic death of Tigger, our beloved girl was taken from us after contracting the very rare illness 'Horners Syndrome'.  Tigs was a valued member of our family, both us and the other dogs miss her terribly.  A huge piece of our lives has been taken away.  Rest in peace my sweet darling girl.

We have five Boerboels all living together with us in the house, two males and three females. (Web page to follow on our second male Xander from our last litter).  We live in the Hertfordshire countryside in the small village of Chipperfield, 5 minutes off junction 20 of the M25, or 5 minutes off junctions 5 or 6 off the M1.  We are surrounded by farmland, and although we donít live on a farm we have six horses and some land, our dogs enjoy running through our fields as their daily exercise, and Ďhelping me muck outí, itís amazing how much dogs like eating horse manure!

I take all our dogs training at the Barking Mad, British Institute of Professional dog Trainers accredited school, where they have all passed varying good citizen awards.

Kanga with her trainer and examiner

My husband Nick and myself have lived here for over 20 years, we have two daughters, Nikola and Janie, and a granddaughter Ashleigh. Pictured above are Ashleigh and a friend having a water fight with the dogs. Our dogs are our companions and guardians, I work from home during the day and would be very lonely without them.

We have owned guardian breed dogs all our married life, we started with Dobes of which we had three, one female and two males, then we had a pair of crossbreed English Mastiff/Great Dane dogs, and before we purchased our first Boerboel we had a black female Neapolitan Mastiff.

We bought our first Boerboel in August 2003, at 8 weeks old, a yellow male we named Yogi, then the bug bit, five months later we purchased our second pup, a female named BooBoo from the same breeder, very sadly we lost BooBoo to cancer at two years and three months old.  Since then over the years we have bought four more female pups , they are now between the ages of two and three.