UPDATE - Due to bereavement we shall not be breeding in the near future.

Photos Of Previous Litter


Yogi and trainer Anne

Kanga with her trainer and examiner


They will be born and raised in our family home alongside our granddaughter and her many school friends.

We welcome visitors to meet our dogs, and will wish to meet anyone interested in a pup.

If you are interested in finding out more about us, you can e-mail us at jannikbb@yahoo.co.uk

Below is a brief description of our guarantee:

All puppies come with 18 months guarantee against hereditary conditions, should any puppy contract such a condition this must be confirmed by the owners vet, seconded by a specialist in that particular field and a full report submitted, where upon a refund will be given.  This guarantee is valid upon the understanding that all new puppy owners insure their puppy.

Experience with a large breed is preferred before considering a Boerboel puppy as they are not the breed for everyone, they have a strong guarding instinct so plenty of socialising at a young age is important and training is recommended.